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I digest complex topics in (mainly) the Java/JVM programming world and write them up as fun and easily understandable guides & courses. So that you save time, frustration and do a better job. 👨‍💻👩‍💻

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Premium Guides & Courses

Java Guides

Java Versions & Features

How to install the latest Java. Differences between Java distributions (Adoptium, AdoptOpenJDK, OpenJDK etc.). Overview of language features: Java 8-17.

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Java Microservices: A Practical Guide

Understand what Java microservices are, how you architect and build them. Also: A look at Java microservice libraries & common questions.

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JDBC - a short guide

You can use this guide to learn the basics of JDBC: How to connect to any database and execute SQL queries. Including JDBC drivers & connection pools.

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Java & Databases: An Overview of Libraries & APIs

Overview of all popular database libraries & APIs in Java. Covers JDBC, Hibernate, JPA, jOOQ, Spring Data and more.

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How To Work With Files In Java

How to work with files in Java through the Path API. From reading and writing files, to watching directories & using in-memory file systems.

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How To Do Logging In Java

Discover, understand and use the right Java logging library for your applications, like Log4j2, Logback, or java.util.logging.

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Intermediate Java - A Learning Path | Part1

In this fun guide you will build a mp3-archiving project from scratch, learning a lot about Core Java, JDBC, servlets and much more.

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mvn clean install - a short guide to Maven

Use this guide to understand what a 'mvn clean install' really does. Also: A crash-course on Maven and workarounds for its most common pitfalls.

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jOOQ - a short guide

Use this guide to understand what jOOQ is, how to get started with it quickly and how jOOQ integrates with or compares to libraries like Spring and Hibernate.

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Spring Guides

What is Spring Framework? An Unorthodox Guide

You can use this guide to understand what Spring framework is and how its core features like dependency injection or aspect-oriented programming work. Also, a comprehensive FAQ.

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What is Spring MVC: @Controllers & @RestControllers

You can use this guide to understand what Spring MVC is, how its @Controllers, @RestControllers and DispatcherServlet work. Also, how it compares to Spring Boot.

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How Spring Boot's Autoconfigurations Work

You can use this guide to get an in-depth understanding of what Spring Boot's Autoconfigurations are and how they work.

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Spring Transaction Management: @Transactional In-Depth

You can use this guide to get a simple and practical understanding of how Spring's transaction management with the @Transactional annotation works.

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11 Spring Boot Interview Questions That Make You Think

Here are 11 Spring Boot interview questions that don't focus on trivial details, but rather make you think and thus learn a lot along the way.

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Spring And Spring Boot Versions

A short guide to the latest Spring and Spring Boot versions, as well as information on the release cycle and maintenance windows.

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Spring Security: Authentication and Authorization In-Depth

You can use this guide to understand what Spring Security is and how its core features like authentication, authorization or common exploit protection work.

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Spring Security & OAuth 2.0 - In-Depth

You can use this guide to get a deep understanding of OAuth 2.0 and how you integrate Spring Security with it.

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