Tired of head-butting your desk in frustration when programming Java?

Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of technologies that seem to be required to program just about anything in Java? Every single technology and decision seems to require in-depth knowledge of every other technology and decision, thus forming an impenetrable web of expertise reserved for the most stubborn of us.

In addition, new versions of these frameworks, libraries and technologies seem to pop-up every month. Who can keep track of all those versions, what changed, what's new, what version of library A you need for a specific version of library B?

Let's face it. It all takes time: Trying to get up to speed with the latest Java version and finding out how many bugs updating your build pipeline to it introduces. Or trying to get up to speed with the latest Spring 5.X version and understanding how you are supposed to write REST services with it now, as compared to two versions earlier.

All of that in addition to finishing your actual project. Your boss or client doesn't care if you can handle Java 11 or not - he assumes it.

Unless you want to regularly burn the midnight oil, you'll have to make sure to find a smarter way to stay up-to-date. Otherwise you'll have fun with these little voices in your head:

  • Shouldn't I have just used Java 8 instead of 11? Does it even matter??
  • Hoes does this stupid Spring magic work? I don't understand it
  • What, 20 pages of dry documentation for a simple hello world????
  • Don't even get me started on Hibernate and databases...Just why????
  • How do Java streams work again? Aren't for-loops out?
  • Is Stackoverflow.com really the only chance to make this work?
  • Does any of this actually help my program do what it is supposed to do?

To answer these questions, you need knowledge. And gathering that knowledge takes time. But you're all so busy. Or frustrated. Or both.

How often did you think that setting up that new Java library or tool was super easy, only to find out you are having a ball-ache of a problem you can't get over - after having spent a couple of hours on it?

While these problems certainly test your ability to focus and perseverance....they don't help you show off your program to your friends, colleagues and customers.

It's not that you are stupid and don't understand complex topics. But you'd love to focus on actual coding.

What if you could get what you wanted?

Love it! I have been trying to learn Spring for months now but just couldn't get my head around it. I finally understood something. (...) Just well done.

How much easier would your programming job be if you just knew how a new library or Java version works? If instead of some bloated, not really readable documentation, you'd know everything you need to know to setup and get started with a specific technology in no time?


  • You wouldn't make these stupid mistakes everyone else makes. You'd take a shortcut.
  • You wouldn't have to read tons of pages just to get started and find out what's important and what is not.
  • You wouldn't need to worry about doing it wrong or not using best practices
  • Instead of burning the mid-night oil, you could spend your time on something more enjoyable
  • You could solely focus on impressing people and clients with your code!

And, while you are imagining that lovely scenario....What if you could learn all this from a professional programmer?

Not just your run-of-the-mill teacher who spawns out entry-level courses left and right. But someone who has been using everything he's teaching in actual, live, client projects for a loooong time? Not just 'this is how it could work', but 'this is how I have seen it work multiple times'?

Is that even possible?

Very good video(s)... Short .. simple.. effective...

I have been running a small software consultancy agency in Munich, Germany, for over a decade.

While I cannot claim to have seen all problems out there in business focused software projects, I have seen the same problems over and over again: I literally made every mistake there is to make.

In addition to the constant pressure of always staying up-to-date with the latest and greatest Java versions and frameworks: because that's what my clients expect.

That's why I decided to distil all these lessons and knowledge into concise video courses and guides. To show others, without any fluff or padded content how they can get up to speed with a certain Java library, framework or tool in the fastest way possible. And avoid all the pitfalls and mistakes along the way!

(P.S. That's what Germans call: Vorsprung durch Technik.)

When you watch the courses on this site, you get the benefit of watching lessons made specifically for you: a working Java programmer, someone trying to go from junior to senior or even someone coming from another programming language and trying to learn Java. But in all cases, someone who wants to learn what's important, and ignore the rest.

All my courses include:

  • Working, real-life code - no dry slides or walls of text.
  • Simple explanations without any fluff or padding.
  • Distilled best practices.
  • Hands-on exercises and downloadable source-code.
  • The ability to track your progress.
  • E-Mail support from me, whenever you are stuck.

Doesn't that give you that warm and fuzzy feeling, like a green test suite?

Join my customers who learn something new about Java - every single week

And Spring, and Hibernate, and Kotlin, and Java Core Skills, and....and...and....

You have code to write. A team of coders to lead. An application to finish.

Let Marcobehler.com take away the worry & hassle of staying up-to-date and efficient with an ever-expanding web of Java frameworks, libraries and tools.

A quick test: Ask yourself. Do you know what changed in Java 11 as compared to the previous versions? If you don't, have a look:

What are you waiting for?