The Confident Spring Professional

The Confident Spring Professional

Learn to find your way around the Spring Ecosystem. Go from not knowing where to start to having a good understanding of Spring Framework, Spring MVC, Spring & Databases and - of course - Spring Boot, without having to fall back on constantly copying someone else's code.

You will discover:

  • The definitive roadmap of all the essential Spring concepts you need to know, what to learn and in which order.
  • All the fundamental concepts to build Spring Microservices: From MVC-style @RestControllers serving XML or JSON to validating user input and calling other microservices.
  • The most efficient way to connect your Spring application to a database, rapidly building repositories with Spring Data JDBC.
  • Breaking the spell of Spring Boot's magic, learning exactly how it works under the hood and how to use it correctly to write rock-solid applications in no time.
  • And much more…

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- Marco

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