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Spring Security & OAuth 2.0 - In Depth

Last updated on July 28, 2020 -

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This article is going to cover OAuth 2.0, as well as Spring Security’s OAuth 2.0 projects & modules, in-depth.

As with all other articles on this site, this is not going to be a "5 easy steps to integrate Spring Security and Oauth2", but rather a comprehensive "what, how and why" @ ~7,000-10,000 words.

The tentative release date is the first week of September.

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Rough Table of Contents

Here’s a high level overview of the contents. Send your feedback on what you’d like to see covered to marco@marcobehler.com.

  • An introduction to OAuth 2.0

    • What problem is it trying to solve?

    • The bad old days

    • The 3 players of the OAuth 2.0 game

    • Authorization Grant Flows

    • Tokens (Access & Refresh)

  • Spring Security & OAuth 2.0

    • A short history of Spring Security projects

    • Which version/project/modules to use

    • Caveats

  • Spring Security - Resource Server

    • What is a resource server?

    • Spring Resource Server project

    • How to protect resources

  • Spring Security - Authenticating with OAuth2

    • What does an Authorization Server do? How does it work?

    • OAuth2 clients In-Depth

    • Keycloak and Spring Authorization Server

    • Social Logins (GitHub, Facebook, Twitter)

    • WebClient integration

  • Spring & JWT

    • What do you need JWT for? What is JOSE? How are JWTs structured?

    • What libraries to use with JWT? Spring Security JWT Support

    • Spring Security & JWT/JOSE