JDBC Workbook

If you enjoyed my Java & Databases & What is JDBC? articles, you're going to love what I am currently working on.

"JDBC - Workbook" is a short book I'm writing that covers things like:

  • Understanding embedded databases & connection pools, like H2 and HikariCP.
  • How to write SQL (selects, inserts, updates, deletes) with plain JDBC. Including more advanced topics like batching.
  • Transactions: How auto-commit and database transactions work on the JDBC level and how frameworks like Spring use that for their @Transactional support.
  • The different types of locking (optimistic, pessimistic) as well as the dreaded deadlock.
  • Why JDBC is so important, even with the many available Java database frameworks.

...all through a series of practical examples, detailed explanations, and exercises at the end of each chapter that make you immediately practice what you learned.

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