About marcobehler.com


Here's a bit of information about myself.

I currently work at JetBrains.

Before that, I was running a small consultancy agency in Munich, Germany, doing freelancing for a variety of customers, like BMW, Wirecard, KVB, and many other smaller companies.

Before even that, I was working as a software developer for BWSO (now: tresmo).

In parallel to all of this, I started giving trainings for the Java & Spring ecosystem, as well as giving talks at Java User Groups & conferences, in Germany/Austria/Switzerland. You also might have noticed the odd written guide, course & video on this page ;)

How did it all begin? Once upon a time, in the schoolyard, someone hooked me up with a CD (or floppy disk) full of tutorials & tools for reverse engineering software - which made me quite curious. Hence I got into programming by (trying to) study walls of assembler code in SoftICE and W32Dasm. A lot tougher at the time than reading Java stack traces today, but a great accelerator for my debugging skills.

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