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Customer Requirements


Feel like strangling your boss/customer for their vague and ever-changing software requirements?

Wouldn't you just simply like to program?

Some days do you feel like you cannot take those death-march deadlines anymore? All the while you have that nagging feeling that you do not exactly grasp what your customer really wants?

Are you rushing out your code in headless chicken mode because you underestimated the workload?

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Make It So: Java DB Connections & Transactions


The first book in the Make It So Series.

It consists of a series of executable exercises designed to make you quickly learn the intrinsics of Java database connection and transaction handling.

Unsure how transactions or connection pools really work? How deadlocks arrive and how to avoid them? What savepoints are? Ever dreamt of building a scalable, database-backed Ebay clone? Then this one is for you.

40 Exercises covering Plain JDBC, Spring & Hibernate

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