Jan 16, 2018: All screencasts now have a free 2-minute preview + all old audio tracks have been remastered for perfect sound. Make sure to check them out!

Starting the new year with a bang!

January 16, 2018 - Marco Behler

You asked, and I tried to listen :) So what changed on marcobehler.com in January?

  • All screencasts (doesn't matter if "pro" or not) now have a 2-minute preview available, so you can actually check out ANY screencast on this site for free!
  • Screencast Sizes have been brought down an additional 30-40% per screencast
  • All screencasts now also have an appropriate intro and outro
  • I've been working hard to get new screencasts out faster and this will show in the next couple of weeks :)
  • (Oh yes, and PayPal will be added as payment method in the next week!)

Cheers and enjoy your stay on this site,


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