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What is this course about?

There are a ton of ways to access databases in Java, from plain JDBC to Hibernate. Whereas the former is a bit low level, the latter focuses on Java objects first, databases second.

There is, however, an interesting library called jOOQ, which provides a simple, but powerful abstraction over JDBC to access databases in Java. And it avoids all the problems that are typically associated with ORMs like Hibernate.

Worth for everyone who is not afraid of SQL and databases.

Who you are

  • You are very familiar with Java & plain JDBC

  • You would like to try a simpler alternative to Hibernate/JPA/ORMs

  • You have heard about jOOQ and would like to know how to get running with it quickly

  • You would like to learn real-life programming workflow with jOOQ

What you will learn

  • How to setup jOOQ completely from scratch and how to get started with it

  • How to use jOOQ's code generation

  • How to build and execute simple and more advanced SQL statements with jOOQ

  • How to use POJOs and DAOs with jOOQ

  • How to build a small web CRUD application with jOOQ and Spring Boot

Further Reading

jOOQ - a short guide

Lukas Eder

"A thorough introductory course to get started very quickly with jOOQ. Marco explains the most important concepts in simple ways and at a good pace."

The Course Outline

jOOQ - Getting Started

jOOQ - Intermediate

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