What's coming in the next couple of days

  Converting our project into a multi-project Gradle build

Microservices are often just another word for multiple JVM applications. At the moment, our project is a single module build, which results in a single application. So we have to convert that to a multi-project build, to allow for multiple applications. In this episode you will learn how to turn a single-module gradle build, into a multi-module gradle build, the fastest way possible.

Release Date: 21.10.2017
Difficulty: BEGINNERS

  Extracting functionality into a microservice

We have our basic gradle skeleton setup. Now it is time to move functionality from our 'monolith' batch job, to a Spring Boot based microservice. In this episode you will learn how to refactor your existing application with the help of your IDE, split it into microservices and get a working build afterwards. We will also talk about the implications for testing and deployment that come with moving that functionality.

Release Date: 22.10.2017
Difficulty: BEGINNERS

  Calling our new REST-based microservice

We split up our batch job into multiple services. Fine enough, but our remaining batch job now has to do rest-calls to that new service. In this episode you will learn how to quickly write a solid wrapper to any rest-based microservice, as well as a couple of thoughts on testing.

Release Date: 23.10.2017
Difficulty: BEGINNERS

  Orchestrating Microservices - The issues with starting and testing

We are almost there. We built a new microservice, incorporated it into our batch job. But what if we want to simply start the application or test it, now? How does it compare to the simple solution built in arc one? You will learn about the microservice deployment pros and cons in this episode.

Release Date: 27.10.2017
Difficulty: BEGINNERS