Practical Hibernate - Beginners

Get started with Hibernate, the most painless way possible. We will start with a fast project setup, using an embedded database and then cover Hibernate basics. As practical example, you will learn how to register and login new users (i.e. save to and query them from the database)
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Last Updated: 03.05.2017
Total Episodes: 9
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Arc: Don't you ever skip these basics!
Arc: Building a simple User management backend
  • Imagine you want to build a simple usermanagement, i.e. register or save users to a database. A user has an id, an email and a password, real simple. And in this screencast we will learn how to do just that: Save a user to the database with Hibernate.
  • A user management app would not make much sense if we only could save users to the database, like we did in the previos screencast. This time we want to select and update our saved users as well! Additionally we are going to learn more about the fancy features of a Hibernate Session.
  • Last but not least, we want to be able to delete records, or in our case users, from the database again. In this screencast you will learn how to delete one or many records from a database table with Hibernate.