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Some days do you feel like you cannot take those death-march deadlines anymore? All the while you have that nagging feeling that you do not exactly grasp what your customer really wants.

Are you rushing out your code in headless chicken mode because you underestimated the workload? Or are you maybe unsure that after everything has been delivered, your rate or that of your company does not even match most projects, because your estimation and hence billing were so far off?

Learn how proper requirements work, not your technical skills, can save you from the misery of doing your next software project.

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You do not have a "technical" problem

Software projects are not a pain because your colleagues decided to go with MS SQL Server, instead of Postgres (Sorry, @Joe Celko) or because you used Wicket instead of the latest Haskell web framework or Ruby instead of Java. That thinking is backwards - tools are just a means to an end. Your line-of-business customer really does not care what technology you are using, at all.

What is the real problem?

The problems almost always start with requirements. Too vague. Too broad. Ever-Changing. Hidden. Underestimated. Overestimated. Sounds familiar?

Requirement work saves us from misery

No matter your coding skills, you cannot fix basic requirement problems with code, programming languages or frameworks. You have to learn how to work those requirements. Clarify them, deconstruct them, make them real crispy. THEN you continue with estimation and planning. THEN you start to code, test and ship.

Isn't that boring?

It might be that you think you are too smart too fiddle with customer problems, instead of challenging coding problems. "Where can we make use of that sexy NodeJS??!? Don't we have people whose sole job it is to deal with requirements, my business analyst, for example?".

If you are thinking like that, you do not see the importance of proper requirements in every single step of software development. Your vision is clouded.

Let us push those clouds away and dream!

Imagine you would not have to strangle your boss anymore.

Imagine you know all the warning signs when a requirement is too vague to be implemented. You know how to push back and get more information, instead of blindly starting to code - code that you have to throw away again after some weeks.

Imagine your estimations get so accurate and your communication so good that the only one doing his last death march is the headless chicken? (hope that made sense! ;) )

Sounds too good to be true?

What you will learn from this book

This book is not a hastily put together document. It is rich in detail and examples. It is designed to let you learn. And to implement. Instead of being just another theory information dump. Here is what you will take away from this book:

  • How you get from vague requirements ("we need XZY now!") to what exactly you need to implement: your task and all its edge cases.
  • What and how to talk about/analzye requirements with your customer, boss and colleagues
  • Warning triggers when talking with clients or bosses that you are being bullied and how to respond. How to push back on constant change.
  • How to properly estimate software tasks. Strategies for that, including building a time tracking database so your estimations get rock solid
  • How you properly bill based on those estimations and avoid being underpaid (freelancer) or killing your department (company worker)
  • How properly clarified requirements are your foundation for rock solid tests. How you have to write those tests and how they lead to rock solid code
  • Every chapter comes with real life practice exercises, based on a fictitious new payment start-up Zee Bänk trying to rival PayPal and plenty of Notepad,Jira and IntelliJ screenshots
  • Suggestions how you record and maintain requirements (in WIKIs or JIRA like systems)
  • What happens if you ignore all that advice and become a headless chicken


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90+ minutes

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Regular Edition

  • The Book (Digital Edition)
    83 pages of solid requirement advice (PDF): From talking to your customer, over writing tests for your acceptance criteria, to billing. See Sample File
  • Additional Mobile Formats
    ePub and Mobi Formats for easy-reading on your Kindle or Nook. (a bit less pretty than the PDF)
  • Examples
    Real life example being used throughout the book. Fictitious payment start-up competing with PayPal, offering credit card payments.

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$ 20.00

Premium Edition

  • The Book (Digital Edition)
    Everything from the Regular Edition (PDF + Epub + Mobi)
  • + Screencasts
    90 minutes+ screencasts, hands-on, created as companion material for each chapter in mp4. (Example Video coming soon!)
  • + War Stories
    4 Audio interviews in mp3 with expert programmers on requirements (2 of them will be supplied mid July)
  • + Source Files
    Commented Markdown, Images and Code for the examples featured in the book.

Special Price:

$ 95.00
$ 55.00

Team Edition

  • The Book (Digital Edition)
    Everything from the Regular Edition (PDF, Epub, Mobi)
  • + Premium Edition   
    Screencasts, War Stories, Source Files
  • + Team License (10x)
    License for Team members. Includes everything from the Premium Package. Put the book and videos on a shared drive/dropbox and let up to 10 colleagues enjoy the content. Save almost 50%.

Special Price:

$ 495.00
$ 295.00

Frequently asked questions

Which package should I buy?

That mostly depends on your budget. Obviously the premium package is the best. I truly wish I would have had those screencasts at the beginning of my career.

But the book itself, with its examples will still completely change your work with requirements.

Any DRM?

No. You can literally put the book wherever you want.

Are there other ways to buy the book?

You can also buy digital editions of this book at Pragmatic Programmers. Print versions are not available at the moment, unfortunately.

Where can I learn more about you?

Go to, read the homepage and check out our blog.

What if I hate the book and want a refund?

If you didn't learn anything from this book and hated it, I really don't want your money. Just reply to your purchase receipt email within 30 days and I will issue a refund. It is my 30 days, 100% Money-Back guarantee. And yes, everyone says that, but I will give you the money back with a smile.

How does book delivery work?

The download is instant. After you purchased the book, you will be sent an email with the download link to the book and any accompanying material.

I am experiencing payment problems, who can I contact?

If there are any payment related problems, give me a shout at