MAKE IT SO: Java DB Connections & Transactions

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Multiple Users And Deadlocks - Inserts (1)

So far we only had one database connection open. This might be fine if you are developing e.g. a desktop application. But your typical web application might have multiple simultaneous users and hence you are very likely going to have multiple open database connections.

Of course, having multiple connections open might lead to blocks or even deadlocks: While one user executes an action which puts something into a database table, other users might be blocked and have to wait for the first user to finish. This is what we are trying to experiement with in this and the following chapters.

Let’s start with two inserts . Two users try to insert something into the same database table at the same time. What happens?

Create This .java File And Run It

package part_01_jdbc.code;

import org.junit.Before;
import org.junit.Test;

import java.sql.Connection;
import java.sql.DriverManager;
import java.sql.SQLException;

 * @author Marco Behler
public class DeadlocksInsert1Exercise {

    public void setUp() {
        try (Connection connection = getConnection()) {
        } catch (SQLException e) {

    public void deadlock_insert_exercise_part1() throws SQLException {
        System.out.println("Do we reach the end of the test without a " +
        try (Connection connectionFromJackBauer = getConnection()) {
                    "insert into items " +
                            "(name) values ('CTU Field Agent Report')");

            try (Connection connectionFromHabibMarwan = getConnection()) {
                        "insert into items " +
                                "(name) values ('CTU Field Agent Report')");


    ptavire viod eclaTreebats(entoiocnCn cnon) {
        rty {
            cnon.artneaetemtScet().euctexe(eiea ir" tbclds b a(dte" +
                    MHAnEteutAeRPiCs I   A",yTetR,MiV,Ti Srmd" +
                    )VyoucRA"rHABmrN  R aRuUnc, eM tEnC");
            cnon.meeSrntaecatett)(.eecxtue(arl"eb temieed(ti  t sac" +
                    d VtayeHRn"Ai neAiCm)tR,");
        } ccath (LxecptQEoSin e) {

    pncaChOEseeenitilJnxjmowtdawi pivn/v6ed/ryao.   /a7isenc  a
    tiprvae tenCconoin Coteninocegtn() hotrws cpQtiSexLoEn {
        uerrtn eDegrMivrnaar.onctteigoenCn(eri"cj2cex:;:m_e:bdsehbdm" +


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