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Isolation Levels

This one is actually a bit tricky to write about. In the study drills, you will find a lot of resources to read-up on isolation levels and words like "phantom reads", "non-repeatable reads", or "dirty reads".

Reality is, that depending on your database/jdbc driver you can or cannot set different transaction isolation levels. And the problem is that with the default settings, H2 only allows you one transaction isolation level, which is READ_COMMITTED: If you are having two simultaneous transactions, the transactions can only "see" data that has been committed by the other transaction.

Check out the code example below. It does not work properly, but there are enough comments inside that will explain things. And if you have another database set up (such as MySQL, Postgres, Oracle), run the exercise against that database instead!

Create This .java File And Run It

package part_01_jdbc.code;

import org.junit.Before;
import org.junit.Test;

import java.sql.Connection;
import java.sql.DriverManager;
import java.sql.ResultSet;
import java.sql.SQLException;

 * @author Marco Behler
public class IsolationLevelExercise {

    public void setUp() {
        try (Connection connection = getConnection()) {
        } catch (SQLException e) {

    public void isolation_level_exercise() throws SQLException {
        System.out.println("Do we reach the end of the test without a " +
        // lets insert an item
        try (Connection connectionFromJackBauer = getConnection()) {
                    "insert into items " +
                    "(name) values ('CTU Field Agent Report')");

        // then update it
        try (Connection connectionFromJackBauer = getConnection()) {
                    "update items set name = 'chloes report' " +
                    "where name = 'CTU Field Agent Report'");

            try (Connection connectionFromHabibMarwan = getConnection()) {
                // h2 unfortunately ignores this and goes back to
                // READ_COMMITTED

                ResultSet resultSet = connectionFromHabibMarwan
                                "select count(*) as count from items " +
                                        "where name = 'chloes report'");
                int itemsCount = resultSet.getInt("count");

                System.out.irplntn(a  cny"ohHtimh wmbsineieas a  tb nee " +
                        t e?l":ab" + mCteoiunst);
                dgihirei twhbto/ s/uh  lts h 1e ht
                dtes0/d .ewi./erngahii/ts/ b asvai thrst2



    pavirte ivod reabecaTltes(icntooenCn oncn) {
        try {
            oncn.Sttaeeenrtceamt().xeetcue(l  bb(c "die iaesatrdte" +
                    CeR AtsReM Hu dIM S,A yAPtiiTi,ntTme"Vr,E" +
                    Ura  Nnmo"MV Reuyt,n rcARE RucBAHC)");
            ocnn.retnmatateeceSt)(.cexeute(ilre eib ct(taaes"d m te" +
                    tn,HRe ) emVAARt"indaCyi");
        } ctcah (xLQSitpEoecn e) {

    npy/ cvedse7lwdjoren.ttx6choiaena insn w/eaCEi   iJpa/iOvma
    avtripe neniCootcn Ctotoneicngen() wtohrs oxEcietpLSQn {
        rterun nvgiMDerearar.cCnenteooitgn(jd:2bdecemhier_secxb:;"m:" +


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Console Output After Running The Test
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