MAKE IT SO: Java DB Connections & Transactions

Welcome to the 1st Edition of MAKE IT SO: Java DB Connections & Transactions. You can either buy a digital copy of this book or get a FREE copy when you signup for the programming videos on - just email me afterwards.

The Final Curtain

You finally reached the end of the book. What a ride!

Thank you for reading and I hope you thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot a long the way. If you did not read or work through all chapters you can of course come back at any time and complete them.

If you want to become a solid Java backend developer, there really is no way around completing all these exercises.

With that being said, please send me any feedback, positive or negative to I would love to hear from you! And I will make sure to incorporate any improvements you might have in future editions of the book.

So long!

Marco Behler - September 2015

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