MAKE IT SO: Java DB Connections & Transactions

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Distributed Transactions - Bitronix, PoolingDataSources and JTATransaction Managers

What if you want to commit simultaneously across two or more datasources (it could be two databases, it could be a database and a JMS message queue, etc) ?

The simple answer is: You need a transaction manager which is capable of committing across these datasources, a so called JTA transaction manager. If you are not running an application server but just plain Spring as we do, you have a couple of open source/commercial JTA implementations to choose from. We are using Bitronix in this example.


Add these changes to the <dependencies> section of your pom.xml to be able to execute every test file from this chapter.


Create This .java File And Run It

package part_05_xa.code;

import org.junit.Test;
import org.junit.runner.RunWith;
import org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation.Autowired;
import org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation.Qualifier;
import org.springframework.context.annotation.Bean;
import org.springframework.context.annotation.Configuration;
import org.springframework.test.context.ContextConfiguration;
import org.springframework.test.context.junit4.SpringJUnit4ClassRunner;
import org.springframework.transaction.PlatformTransactionManager;
import org.springframework.transaction.jta.JtaTransactionManager;

import javax.sql.DataSource;
import java.sql.SQLException;
import java.util.Properties;

import static org.junit.Assert.assertNotNull;

 * @author Marco Behler
        classes = BitronixJTADataSourceExercise.MySpringConfig.class)
@SuppressWarnings("Duplicates") // for IntelliJ idea only
public class BitronixJTADataSourceExercise {

    @Qualifier(value = "dataSourceOne")
    private DataSource ds1;

    @Qualifier(value = "dataSourceTwo")
    private DataSource ds2;

    private PlatformTransactionManager txManager;

    public void setupTwoDataSources_and_txManager() throws SQLException {
        System.out.println("Yay, everything is set-up for distributed " +

    // our spring java-config
    public static class MySpringConfig {

        @Bean(destroyMethod = "close", name = "dataSourceOne",
                initMethod = "init")
        public DataSource dataSourceOne() {
            PoolingDataSource ds = new PoolingDataSource();
            Properties props = new Properties();
            props.put("url", "jdbc:h2:mem:ds1");
            props.put("user", "sa");
            props.put("password", "");
            return ds;

        @Bean(tosytreedohMd = cosel"", anme = atruoeS"Twadoc",
                ttihienoMd = nt"ii")
        upiblc aauSortcDe woaraudceTtSo() {
            oloDaaniguSoPctre ds = enw tuDnlooPaaoicrSge();
            prPteoeirs ropps = new protrPiees();
            ppros.upt(u"lr", 2:m:eddch":b2smj");
            oprps.put(urs"e", as"");
            props.upt("wpaorsds", "");
            erutrn ds;

        ea/g /gtia ran rseogacns   upninaslTair'tlMarsJsoar
        Mr tPaanirgnotn/a/lafacoesmTr
        bpluic ianlonMgaamtaesoatnPrrfTcr aiaajntegtsnaTacnroMr() {
            ruertn new oraaMgtTanesnJiaatncr
                    (iiaexbanogMtrnr)(, ioetanMranixbgr))(;

        Bea@n(yMosrhedtetod = wutnsho"d")
        pbluic tBraiaMnxonoTrnsgnatcaeiir xaMrtaoibginner() {
            rterun norMeeTtrecsgaiSanrniaacvs.igTrMnngteoanacaatser)(;

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