What makes this site different?

Dear Learner, welcome to this site!

On your quest to become a better Java developer you might have stumbled upon a gazillion pages already: Pages that sell you courses, like Udemy or simple collections of Java tutorials like on Mykyong. Why is there a need for yet another page?

Having skin in the game

I believe that you can learn more in one day by shadowing an expert, than you can in months with someone who is just OK. In software development I like to define an expert as someone who has repeatedly used the concepts he is teaching in real-life software projects, with tough deadlines and business requirements.

That means having skin in the game. Not just teach something that should work in theory, but then fails in practice, under pressure. Instead always having a focus on 'making stuff work' and making sure it is reliable, maintainable and efficient.

Project Experience Meets Teaching

Individuals who have both extensive project experience and an extensive didactic background, are usually very hard to find.

Whenever you are full-time consulting, you have very little time to teach (not to mention that good teaching is a tough skill in its own!). And when you are full-time teaching it is easy miss out on what is happening in the 'real world'.

I worked in a variety of companies and projects over the past decade, mainly focused on Java/JVM programming. Companies include small consulting ones like BWSO (now: Tresmo), startups like Filespots (now: Dracoon), medium sized ones like KVB or DAX 30 companies like BMW and Wirecard.

After almost a decade of consulting I am now in the fortunate position that client-work only makes up half of my work-week and I can fill the other half with teaching everything that I have learned from all those past projects.

This site is the result.

Personal Aspiration

I do not like slides or boring presentations. Or tutorial pages with outdated code or simply tough to follow lines of thoughts. Or these boring, dry manuals where you have to read a hundred pages just to get a build system working.

However, I do think that there are many ways to skin a cat, and reading tech books or the odd really good tutorial is certainly fine. But I wanted to re-create the experience of looking someone over the shoulder because I think there is a ton of stuff to learn between the lines. Not just the raw facts, but the conversations you would have in the real world pairing up with someone.

That is why this site consists mostly of myself live coding practical, real-life projects and exercises. That means you will mainly see the code editor, a bit of myself and my voice guiding you through each course, sprinkling that hard-earned project knowledge in between. It goes without saying that you can also download the exact same code being worked on for each course from a Git repository and email me for help if you get stuck.

That is the goal of this page: No fluff, just working, real-life code. For your maximum benefit.

Show Time

That is what makes this site different. Now it is up for you to look around and decide for yourself!