We’d love to make your IT project a success !

Marco Behler

You need help with your IT project?

You need help with your IT project?

We won’t waste your time and money with talk about agile methodologies, fad technologies or other buzzwords.

We like to focus on the one and only thing that counts for you:

Providing software solutions that help you increase revenue and cut costs considerably. Others might call that focusing on business value – we call it common sense.

Let’s get started!

(Oh, and if we can’t do something ourselves, we know someone in our network who can.)

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What we can help you with

Ideas & Execution

You have a rough idea of what you might need – be it a new CRM/Online-Shop System, a mission-critical banking back-end, or even just a plain web or mobile app – but need a hand developing a full concept?

Or maybe you already have a completely thought-out concept and now need a reliable IT partner to make that concept a reality? On time and with high quality?

You might already have a rough concept for a new IT-based product your company wants to push forward. Maybe a new in-house CRM system or a new mobile app. There are a lot of ideas floating around, but you would actually like someone to flesh those rough ideas out into a fine-grained concept. To be able to see not only what is possible, but also what is reasonable.

You want to make sure your ideas are exactly what your future users want and need. And you want someone who centralises and leads that functional specification process – so you can focus more on your daily business, but still get the best results.

Or you might already have a detailed functional specification for a mission-critical piece of software. And you fear getting those alert emails in the middle of the night that something just crashed.

You need software of the highest quality that’s available 24/7 and doesn’t crumble once a couple of hundred users access your servers at the same time. Stuff that simply works with no hassle. Engineering at its finest.

Over the years we have not only helped customers with their ideas and functional specifications, but also implemented software for a variety of industries, ranging from software for traffic supervision to software that moves real money – banking back-ends (and no-one likes their bank to take the wrong amounts from their accounts).

Get in touch with us and we will be glad to help – be it fully outsourced specification & programming jobs or in-house consulting

German quality. On time. For you and your customers.


You are running or planning to launch a big IT project and are wondering how many people you really need and what skills they should be bringing to the table? You refuse to take “scrum” for an answer to everything and just want to get stuff done as quickly as possible?

Or maybe you have been burning through a load of cash, but your project is still in a fuzzy state, bug-ridden and far from finished?

You are feeling the pressure already: You have to lead a new IT-Project, multiple man-years of requirements, and you don’t know how many people you need. Some Scrum/„Agile“ coaches might already have told you that it’s no problem to have 10 in-house teams working on your product – but you know from past projects that IT projects actually often get *slower* the more people are working on them.

But then again, you don’t even know where to get all these skilled IT people from. “Are recruiters or big IT-houses our only choice? How many people do we really need? Or should we just outsource the whole thing?”

The next question that arises in your mind is “do we really need to build all of this ourselves?” You’d like to know if there are already ready-made components that you only have to assemble, rather than reinvent the wheel.


Oh, and you probably already have an old legacy system in place and wonder if it wouldn’t be cheaper after all to just add those new features to the legacy system, instead of starting from scratch.

Every one of us here at Marco Behler GmbH has worked on various projects – from in-house to outsourced, from small to gigantic (18 teams). We will sit down with you, thoroughly review the state your IT project is currently in and make detailed, actionable recommendations on how to improve.

From technology and product choices, overall development culture to cost examinations. We like to listen and watch closely – so you get the best out of it and don’t have to trouble yourself with constant questions and doubt. Give us a shout!

High-End Design

You are offering professional services or are running a brand or image-based business and would like to “look” your best? You want to leave a lasting impression on your customers?

You don’t want a run-of-the-mill website, application or app that looks like it came straight from the rack? You are looking for something more high-quality, more custom-fitted, something tailor-made that breaks the mould?

You want to make not only a good first impression, but a lasting one? You might be a lawyer, a doctor or simply a company that likes to stand out from the crowd rather than stand back and blend-in.

You could be afraid that, while you are delivering excellent work, potential customers might not “see” it that way. And you’d like to change that.

We believe that it does not take a huge international creative agency (budget) to deliver top-notch designs. We also believe that top-notch designs aren’t only supposed to look good, but always need to provide a beautiful user experience, too. After all, no-one likes to spend the whole day sitting in someone else’s golden chair if it’s uncomfortable.

At Marco Behler GmbH we eat our own dog food. Everything you see here has been designed by ourselves. If you like what you see, give us a shout.

We will get together with you, listen to what your current situation is, understand where you want to go and then come up with the best design and user experience for your needs. And it does not matter if we are talking about a website design, a complex intranet-application or your new mobile app – we’ll be glad to help.

Custom fitted. For you. Always.


Who we are

We like to keep our relationships close & personal – meet our team:

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Sandra Ziegler

Information Architecture

Sandra leads our information architecture team: Interface & Product Design, Sketches, Mock-Ups and User Requirements are her world.

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Ben Horsfield


Ben is able to work on literally anything programmy you throw at him. He currently leads all front-end development, from complex Web UIs to mobile development, and is a master in everything from Javascript to Objective-C.

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Our Customers Love Us!

But don’t just take our word for it, experience it first hand…

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How To Get In Touch

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