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What is this course about?

This course is all about building a real-life Java and RabbiMQ messaging application, with the help of a message broker called RabbitMQ. This means using the AMQP protocol, not the standard JMS protocol.

The application you are going to build is similar to Youtube's video upload feature, where, after a video upload, a thumbnail is extracted out of that video and the video being processed in multiple formats, so that it can be displayed to users - all with the help of messages.

Not only will you learn the basics of how to install and get started with RabbitMQ, but also cover concepts such as the typical worker queue pattern and publish/subscribe flows. Last but not least, you'll learn about real-life messaging workflow, that means how to avoid pitfalls when it comes to handling edge cases and error cases in messaging applications.

After finishing this course, you'll know all the tools and concepts inside out to start writing your own asynchronous messaging systems.

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