Intermediate Java Learning Path

Category: Core Java & Concepts | Total Duration: 41 Min. 58 Sec.  | Type: Screencasts / Video Tutorial / Learn By Example

What is this coures about?

You are done studying basic Java, but now the question is: What's next? Mobile Development? Web Development? Command Line Development?

To put it bluntly, Java is just a 'screw driver'. But to get any use out of it you need to solve problems and build real projects with it.

In this course you will start with the very first steps of intermediate Java and build a mp3 tool: A small command line tool, that scans directories on your hard-drive for mp3s, reads the metadata of these mp3s, saves them to a database and then finally displays them in a webpage!

Fear not, this course does not bombard you with too many advanced details (patterns, architecture, TDD, Maven Spring, Docker, Scrum, errr...).

Instead it consists of solid and simple Java and programming worfklow and you'll learn about core concepts such as JDBC (database access), Servlet (web sites), MP3 Analysis (3rd party libraries) and File API (Core Java) along the way.

You will also find a shorter, textual version of this course under the guides section, but this course serves as the reference walkthrough of the project, with many details explained along the way.

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