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New Book and Oktoberfest Price Deal

Sorry for no new blog posts last month. I was actually busy preparing a new book :) Here’s the news:

New Book - Java Database Connection and Transaction Management

This is one of the topics where there’s so much fear, uncertainty and doubt out in the wild. The goal is to squash this fear and have a book consisting of pretty much only executable exercises, similar to Zed Shaw’s learningthehardway-series.

Check it out, you can read the HTML for free here.

The plan is to add new chapters every day, until the book is released. So stay tuned!

Special Price Deal for Customer Requirements - limited time only

I am running another, limited time only, price deal for the Customer Requirements book. I’d like to call this the Oktoberfest promotion, which is only a couple of weeks out, if you live in Munich. Grab the deal while you can!

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Marco Behler

Marco started out in programming (reverse-engineering, actually) and now mainly programmes on the JVM in his day-to-day work. He also always had a sweet tooth for strategy and marketing. Marco Behler GmbH is the result of that hybrid role.
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